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How to remove acne scars naturally

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acne-scar-removalHaving acne on our face will be very annoying and disturbing. Not only women but also men can have acne on their face. If this ‘unwanted guest’ comes on our face, we will be panicked and do everything to get rid of acne on our face immediately. All kinds of cosmetics and treatments will be done to eliminate acne. However, the wrong treatment will only give us new problems in the end. If we treat the acne in a wrong way, the acne will not disappear, but it becomes more severe and eventually will leave acne scars on our face. Of course, we do not want this to happen to our face. Acne scars will make us have a bad appearance and lost our confidence. Our face will not be smooth again if there are acne scars on our face. It will be very frustrating and ultimately can disrupt our activities.
Everyone does not want to get acne scars in their face. Some of us are even willing to spend a lot of money to do the expensive facial treatments to remove acne scars. It is true that acne scars do not interfere in terms of health. However, acne scars can reduce our self-confidence. We usually will get acne scars when we often hold pimples with dirty hands. It is because our dirty hands contain a lot of bacteria that can make acne become more severe and eventually leave scars. Moreover, the habit of squeezing pimples can also be one of the causes of acne scars. Most of the actual acne scars can fade itself after a few months. However, if it becomes more severe, a special treatment is needed to do. We can do a number of ways to help the process and avoid the re-emergence of acne. The face treatment is not only to use expensive cosmetic products. We can also remove acne scars naturally. Natural treatments do not have an instant result like if we use an expensive treatment. However, the process of removing acne scars naturally is safer for our skin because of the materials used do not contain harmful substances for our skin. In addition, we also do not have to spend more cost for that.
Here are some natural treatments that we can do at home for acne scar removal. Our natural treatments will give maximum results if we do it regularly. Besides, we must have a positive thinking so that the results obtained will be like our expectations.
1. Use olive oil.
Olive oil is very good for health, including the health of our skin. Olive oil is able to eliminate our acne scars properly. We can buy it in the cosmetics store or pharmacy. The treatment is also quite easy. We just apply the olive oil on our acne scars at night before going to bed. In the morning, we wash our face. Do this treatment regularly every day to get the maximum results.
2. Use tomatoes as a mask.
Tomatoes are a natural substance which is powerful enough to eliminate our acne scars. The content of vitamin A and C that tomatoes have can remove our annoying acne scars. How to do the tomato facials is very easy and does not require a long time to prepare. First, we prepare one or two tomatoes that are not too ripe. After that, we blend the tomato without adding water until smooth. Use the result as a mask to our face. We apply the tomato mask to our face completely. Then we wait for it for a few minutes until it is dry. Afterwards, wash with cold water. We should do this treatment at least 3 times a week to get maximum results.
3. Use aloe Vera.
In addition to nourish hair, aloe Vera is also very good for removing acne scars quickly. Aloe Vera can fade our acne scars and eventually eliminate it. This is because the source of vitamins that exist in aloe Vera is great for the health of our skin. So that aloe Vera can make our skin soft and healthy. How to use aloe Vera for our face treatment is also quite easy. We take one or two pieces of aloe Vera. We peeled it and take the gel inside. If we’ve got enough aloe Vera gel, we apply the gel to the area of ​​our acne scars. We do it with having a gentle massage in our face. We leave it for more than 30 minutes. Then we rinse with clean water.
4. Use garlic.
Garlic is also very good for removing our acne scars. We prepare 3 to 5 garlic. We mash the garlic until smooth. After the garlic becomes smooth, we apply it to areas that have acne scars. However, if there are pimples on our face, do not let the garlic get to our pimples. This is because if we will feel very sore for that. Therefore, make sure to scrub only in the area of ​​acne scars. After that, we wait for a few minutes until it dries. Then we wash our face with water.
5. Use honey.
We can also use honey to treat our acne scars. Honey has antibacterial properties and can help neutralize substances that are present in the skin and reduce inflammation. We should use natural honey, not a processed honey product. So, our efforts will become more effective. How to use it for face treatment is easy. We just apply the honey directly to our acne scars.
6. Use cucumber.
Cucumbers can also be used for the care of our face. Cucumber has natural ingredients that are good for facial treatments. Cucumber contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium which are very good for our skin. How to use cucumber to treat acne scars is also very easy. We prepare the cucumber (organic). Then, we cut into thin slices. After that, place the cucumber slices on the acne scars. After it is about 30 minutes, we take the cucumber slices and wash our face with water. We should do it every day so that we get the maximum results.
7. Use lime juice.
Lemon also can fade scars and aid in healing and skin rejuvenation. This is because lime juice contains natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) which are very good for our skin. Therefore, we can use lime juice to remove acne scars on our face. We take to be some lime and squeeze it. Then we use the juice into areas of acne scars on our face. We wait until about 15 minutes. After that, we wash our face with water. We should do this treatment about 3 times a week for maximum results.
Those are some natural ways that we can do at home to remove acne scars on our face. Besides it is an easy way, we also do not require expensive to do it. We can apply one of the above treatments that match our skin. We have to do it regularly so that we get maximum results. This method does not provide instant and fast results. However, these natural treatments are safe for our face. We must take care of our face with good facial treatment. Therefore, make sure to clean up our faces after we do outdoor activities. This is because the dust and dirt can trigger acnes. Good luck for trying the natural treatments!